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The 49th ASEAN-Japan Business Meeting

Keizai Doyukai co-hosted the 49th Japan-ASEAN Business Meeting (AJBM) in Singapore on 3 November. AJBM has been one of the pillars of Doyukai's international exchange initiatives since the 1970s, with the aim of supporting ASEAN's regional integration and strengthening economic ties between Japan and ASEAN. This year marks the 50th anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, and there is growing momentum to redefine and strengthen the ASEAN-Japan partnership for the next 50 years. The 49th AJBM was planned and organized to contribute this momentum, by providing more than 150 business executives from various countries an opportunity to discuss common issues related to the sustainable growth of ASEAN and Japan, in a rapidly changing global setting, society and industry. Please refer to each item for program outline.

PROGRAM Speakers information



Friday 3 November,2023 9:00-17:00(Singapore time)

Host country



The Atrium Ballroom, Raffles City Convention Center


ASEAN-Japan Common Agenda in the Value Co-Creation Era
- Addressing Green, Digital and Human Resources Challenges


Opening Session


Mr. Cecil LEONG The 49th AJBM Chairman, The Chairman of AJBM Singapore
Mr. Yuji HIRAKO The 49th AJBM Co-Chairman, Japan Asean Committee Chairman(Keizai Doyukai),Vice Chairman, ANA Holdings Inc.

Guest Remark

H.E.Mr. Hiroshi ISHIKAWA Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Singapore
Mr. Eugene HO CEO, Deloitte Southeast Asia

Keynote Speech

H.E.Mr.Tommy KOH Ambassador-at-Large,Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore




Mr. Fumikazu KITAGAWA Partner, Deloitte
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【Sustainable Mobility】Carbon Neutral Realities in ASEAN

Overview of carbon neutrality targets, measures and initiatives to achieve them, and challenges in ASEAN countries. Explore realistic and practical approaches for transition, such as multi-option pathway, towards decarbonized mobility that can be shared as "Asia".

Session1:【Sustainable Mobility】Carbon Neutral Realities in ASEAN


  • Mr. Takashi KUWABARA / Japan
    Partner, Deloitte

Panel Discussion

  • Mr. Koji IKEYA / Japan
    Former Representative Executive Officer, Executive Vice
    President, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
  • Mr. Kasemsit PATHOMSAK / Thailand
    Vice Chairman, Board of Trade of Thailand (BoT)
  • Ms. Corieh DICHOSA (Online) / Philippines
    Executive Director, Philippine Board of Investments
  • H.E. Dr. Yusra KHAN(Online) / Indonesia
    Ambassador, Environment Stakeholder Member National Energy Council, Indonesia
  • Mr. Brian Chi Kuen HO / Singapore
    Partner, Deloitte
  • Mr. Takashi KUWABARA / Japan
    Partner, Deloitte
  • Mr. Yasuyuki MURAKAMI / Singapore,Thailand
    Partner, Deloitte
  • Mr. Rikuto YAMADA (Moderator) / Singapore
    Manager, Deloitte



【Digital Experience】Sustainable Growth through Creating New Digital Experiences

Creation of strategies for countries, cities, companies, etc. to provide new "user experiences" and attract people, goods, and money through the use of digital data. Case studies of strategies for utilizing digital technologies to create flows of people,goods, and money for sustainable growth.

Session2:【Digital Experience】Sustainable Growth through Creating New Digital Experiences


  • Mr. Takuya SHIOTANI / Singapore
    Partner, Deloitte
  • Mr. Rasheed Deen BASHEER AHAMED / Singapore
    Manager, Deloitte

Panel Discussion

  • Mr. Raja Hamzah ABIDIN / Malaysia
    Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner, RHL Ventures
  • Ms. Gan-Low Mai LEONG / Malaysia
    Head, Economics & Investment, Iskandar Regional Development Authority
  • Mr. Kuniyoshi MABUCHI (Online) / Japan
    Partner, Deloitte
  • Mr. Kenichiro HASHIGUCHI(Moderator) / Singapore
    Senior Manager, Deloitte


Lunch Session

Guest Speech

H.E.Mr. Masahiko KIYA Ambassador of the Mission of Japan to ASEAN
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Mr. Eddie NG Head, Digital & Data Strategy, PSA BDP
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【HR Value Chain】Human Resource Platform to Unleash Value Co-Creation in the Region

a foundation for ASEAN-Japan for coming decades, aims to propose a blueprint of a new platform for building human resource value chain for ASEAN and Japan; a multinational, multi-sectoral framework that promotes the development,utilization, and circulation of human resources in the region.

Session3:Human Resource Platform to Unleash Value Co-Creation in the Region


  • Mr. Kazufumi WATANABE / Japan
    Group Chief Transformation Officer, Executive Vice
    President and Executive Officer, Sompo Holdings, Inc.

Panel Discussion

  • Mr. Jiraphant ASVATANAKUL / Thailand
    Vice Chairman, The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC)
  • Mr. Ferdinand A. FERRER / Philippines
    Chairman and CEO, EMS Group
    Co-Chairman, The Philippines Japan Economic Cooperation Committee, Inc. (PHILJEC)
  • Mr. Avishek NANDY / Singapore
    Partner, Bain & Company, Inc.
  • Mr. Hiroyuki TSUTSUMI / Japan
    SEVP, Corporate Executive Officer, Fujitsu Limited.
  • Ms. Aska HAMAKAWA / Japan
    CEO, Earth Company & Mana Earthly Paradise


Wrap up & Closing Session

Wrap up

Mr. Takaaki FUCHU AJBM Singapore Representative(Partner, Deloitte)
Mr. Kalin SARASIN Honorary Chairman, The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand (TCC&BoT)

Closing Remarks

Mr. Naoaki MASHITA Vice Chairman, Keizai Doyukai(Chairman & Group CEO(Founder) / V-cube, Inc)
Mr. Cecil LEONG The 49th AJBM Chairman, The Chairman of AJBM Singapore


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