Symbol Mark and Logotype (Japan Association of Corporate Executives)

KEIZAI DOYUKAI, which was founded in April 1946 by the younger generation of up and coming Japanese business executives who dedicated themselves to the restructuring of the nation as it rose from the devastation of World War II, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1996.

Upon this opportunity, we have decided to inaugurate a symbol mark and logotype ; one that we feel will pay homage to the original spirit of KEIZAI DOYUKAI as well as demonstrate our current members' continuing commitment to opening widely the door to the future.

Symbol mark:The five-sequence squares

Symbol Mark


The clearly defined shape of the squares straightforwardly represents the high and strong aspirations of the executives who form KEIZAI DOYUKAI.

The sequence of five squares

This sequence of five squares which forms a vector represents a consistent sense of direction and the process of unfolding of KEIZAI DOYUKAI's activities originating from the aspiration of KEIZAI DOYUKAI executives and evolving into creation, communication, action and development.

Choice of Color

The contrast of the black squares on a white background, represents the explicit resolution.