Chairman's Messages

Statement by Yoshimitsu Kobayashi, Chairman of Keizai Doyukai
On Third Abe Cabinet's Third Reshuffle and New LDP Executives Lineup

August 3, 2017

Yoshimitsu Kobayashi
Chairman, Keizai Doyukai

  1. The third Abe Cabinet is inaugurated today after the third reshuffle with a new executives lineup of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). We welcome the party unity selection of the new ministers who are mostly well-experienced with a good track record in the areas such as key policy measures of economy--Prime Minister Abe's first priority--as well as national security and safety.
  2. Among the growth strategy agenda, our expectation is high with earlier realization of Work Style Reform, effective investment to human resources in the name of "Human Resources Development Revolution"--a new pillar of the policy measures--and enhancement of free trade framework such as TPP 11 and EU-Japan EPA. Further, we wish to see the government's challenge to promote integrated reform of social security and taxation--painful reform only achievable under the long-lasting administration--and to establish a sustainable energy policy.
  3. The government can address the mounting issues for policy implementation only with public understanding, consent, and confidence. It must also fulfil its accountability through resetting itself and continuing dialogue with the public. In addition, an extraordinary Diet session should be convened quickly for thorough deliberations of the issues. Finally, we regard Prime Minister Abe's proposal over the constitutional amendment as a good opportunity to reconsider a forward-looking national vision that Japanese public should seek. In this regard, we hope for an elaborate study while inviting wider public interest and discussions.