Policy Proposals

Functional Reinforcement of Regional Financial Institutions
Aimed at Regional Revitalization:
Contributing to Regional Economies as Catalysts and Hubs

May 21, 2015

Yoshio Sato
Chairman,Committee for Financial Issues
Keizai Doyukai
(Chairman, Sumitomo Life Insurance Company)

  1. Summary of the Proposal
  2. Proposal
    1. (1)Measures that regional financial institutions should reinforce
      • (i)Support for corporate reorganization and revitalization
      • (ii)Coordination making use of collaboration among industry, academia, government, and finance
      • (iii)Support for community development in response to low birth rates and aging and declining populations
      • (iv)Secure and nurture human resources capable of improving corporate management and supporting new regional financing
      • (v)Promote the integration of regional financial institutions across prefectures
    2. (2)Deregulation to strengthen functions of regional financial institutions