Policy Proposals

Fiscal 2013 (28th) Summer Seminar
Tohoku Appeal 2013
Innovative Initiatives for Growth and Reconstruction

July 12, 2013

Keizai Doyukai

  1. Decisive Action on the Stalled Reforms in Japan's Revitalization Strategy
    1. Thorough implementation of the growth strategy, with no issues deferred
    2. Cooperation among major councils, and political leadership
      for decisive action on reforms
  2. Making Every Effort to Stabilize Electricity Supply and Demand
    1. Converting to highly efficient thermal power technologies,
      and practicing rigorous energy saving
    2. Strengthening the nuclear power plant inspection system
      and clarifying the government's responsibilities
    3. Revision of the Electricity Business Act in the coming extraordinary Diet session
    4. Contributing to the world on global environmental issues
  3. Decisive Action on Reforming Annual Expenditures to Restore Fiscal Soundness
    1. In the longer-term plan, map out a clear pathway toward the fiscal health targets
    2. Implementation of annual expenditure reforms with the focus on social security
  4. Commitment by Business Leaders to Management Reforms for Global Competitiveness
    1. Reorienting toward greater diversity
    2. The keys to innovation are "openness," "ventures," and "reading the future"
  5. Facilitating support for reconstruction and startups of businesses in the earthquake- and tsunami-affected areas, and stronger business continuity planning for disasters