Policy Proposals

Eight Proposals Aimed at Overcoming Global Warming
(Selected Summary)

December 20, 2004

Hajime Sasaki
Chairman, Committee on Global Environment and Energy Issues
(Chairman, NEC Corp.)

1) Work together with the participation of all related parties

Proposal 1: Extract the latent potential of CO2 emissions reduction in existing equipment and machinery.
Proposal 2: Pay attention to the possibilities for modal shifts.
Proposal 3: Strive to change the way of thinking.
Proposal 4: Strengthen education and communication aimed at reforming the consciousness of the public.
Proposal 5: Establish a long term national energy strategy.

2) Endeavors on a Global Scale

Proposal 6: We should contribute to the world with the transfer of the successful reduction methods.
Proposal 7: The Kyoto mechanisms should be actively implemented.
Proposal 8: A framework under which all nations can participate; toward a Post- Kyoto era.

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